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Our Dog Training School:

Hundeschule beider Basel​


Our goal is to have happy owners and well-behaved dogs who are a joy to be around, who can easily adapt to any situations and who believe it is FUN to work together with their owners.

Our training is not just about teaching behaviors but about growing real life skills. We are eager to show and share the most up-to-date, forward thinking, innovative reward and GAMES based training with you. 

Concept training is a unique style of training where you work on concepts & skills, like confidence, focus, calmness, self-control and many more just by playing fun games with your dog. These skills then will transfer to your every day with your pup and will come super handy in real life situations, like the moment your dog sees a squirrel or another dog or visitors come to your house.

Whether you need help in teaching the basics, you would like to work on special skills or your dog has behavioral issues, we are here to help.


There is a GAME for every struggle you face!


Theory Course

Private theory course : 100 CHF/hour

Official NHB course : 250 CHF

Our Theory course is ideal for:

  • First dog owners to understand everything you need to know about getting a new puppy/dog, the first weeks and the best way to start the training process to build the best relationship ever

  • People who want to learn more about dogs in general and understand better how they communicate

  • People who are afraid of dogs and would like to change it by being empowered by knowing more

  • Owners who want to start and prepare for the theoretical exam of the National Hundehalter-Brevet (NHB)

Course Length

Depends on the needs, can be from 1 hour up to 4.5 hours.

Private Lessons


Our private training is ideal for:

  • Owners who have limited availability and need flexibility in the when and where

  • Those who have dogs with behavioral issues: reactivity to dogs/people/bikes/cars/..., lunging, barking, jumping, chasing, fear or worry about things, separation anxiety, lacking confidence, etc.

  • Owners who would like to focus on specific struggles, special situations, socialization needs or with any individual requirements


We work together with the owners and teach them how to help their dogs and understand them better. We focus on building a stronger relationship between the owner & the dog and turn all their struggles into strengths through playing games. 

​Course length & date: Flexible


Course location option: Flexible, depending on your actual requirements. The session could be hold:

  • in your home environment,

  • at the dog school, 
    (Dressurverein Basel, Landauerstrasse 79.)

  • out and about, doing a walking training,

  • at a specific requested location

  • via call or even online with video sharing (very very useful with dogs whose behavior is impacted if they are facing an unknown situation or person)

Group Lessons

Single lesson: 50CHF/hour

Package deal, - 20%: 200 CHF / 5 lessons 

Courses: Ongoing

Our group lessons are ideal to:

  • Work on socialization,

  • Boost your relationship with your dog through games, while learning self-control & calmness around other dogs

  • Teach your dog to focus on you around distractions while learning all the basics & necessary life skills that will help you to have a dog who can cope with any situations in all environments. 

We offer different types of group lessons so you can certainly find a course which suits your needs the best.


Details can be found on the HBB homepage

Every year we aim to hold multi-day workshops to help with specific struggles and give a quick knowledge boost.


Topics we will cover are:

  • Mastering Loose Leash Walking 

  • How to Achieve a Perfect Recall?

  • Confidence Boosting Workshop

  • Scent Work Basics

  • Amazing Retrieves

  • How to Keep our Golden Oldies young?

  • Fitness & Flexibility Workshop

  • First Aid Workshop

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