Training that works

Our goal is to have happy owners and well-behaved dogs who are a joy to be around, who can easily adapt to any situations and who believes it is FUN to work together with their owners.

How do we make this happen?

Our training is not just about teaching behaviors but about growing real life skillsWe are eager to show and share the most up-to-date, forwarding thinking, innovative reward and GAMES based training with you. 

Concept training is a unique style of training where you work on concepts & skills, like confidence, focus, calmness, self-control and many more just by playing fun games with your dog.

These skills then will transfer to your everyday with your pup and will come super handy in real life situations, like the moment your dog sees a squirrel or an other dog or visitors come to your house.

Whether you need help in teaching the basics, you would like to work on special skills or your dog has behavioral issues, we are here to help.


There is a GAME for every struggle you face!

Does your dog lack recall? 

Are you embarrassed to go out for walk due to your pup's behavior?

Is your dog reactive on walks?

Have you just got your first puppy and unsure of what to do next?

Then you're in the right place!

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Mobile: +41 79 104 0334

Services available in: 

Basel & bordering communities

Languages: mainly in English

By request possible also in German, French or Hungarian.