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25 Days "Sexier than a Squirrel" Challenge

What do your next 25 days look like? 

Keen to get involved in something that will give you one almighty optimism boost? And not to mention turn your dog-owning struggles into strengths along the way!

Absolute Dogs have put something cool together for us - a roadmap of your next 25 days to take you from where you are right now to that day where your dog chooses you over…

..the squirrel
… the jogger
… the family enjoying their picnic

Each day for 25 days you get to work through a video that demonstrates a game that builds engagement (and each game has been specifically picked to be played at home!) such that when you next encounter that squirrel (…or jogger, or another dog….), you are READY!

Next Steps

  1. Transfer the course fee of 35CHF to us via e-banking or TWINT

    Dog Garden by Klein, Judit Klein, Rheintalweg 64, 4125 Riehen
    Bank's name: Credit Suisse
    IBAN: CH31 0483 5155 4938 4100 0
              TWINT: +41 79 104 0334


  2. After receiving the payment we will send you a confirmation email and give you access to the amazing 25-days challenge 

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